Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Most profound facebook status update yet

What is your life except this very moment, starting right now, and everything is new. Nothing precisely like this has happened before.

There is compassion, there is love, there is joy, without any need for superstitious cliches. There is understanding and compassion for all the sorrow, misery and tears.

There is a refuge from the chaos, brutality and pain. There is a refuge from the storm. There is a boat to cross the sea.

You are a boat for those with oceans to cross. You may build yourself to be a sturdy vessel. You may coming to understand yourself, and learn how nourish yourself in order to nourish others.

You are a tree with deep roots, an old trunk and new green shoots. You are ancient and new. Children may come play undeneath you and birds may rest on you branches. You grow your roots down deep and you sprout new leaves afresh. You grow - not too fast, not to slow - you are in harmony with yourself. You breathe in and out - giving oxygen in symbiotic relationship with the world, supporting many beings.

You are strong and your new children leaves are laughing. Your older motherly leaves are laughing with them.

If tractors and bulldozers try to destroy you, you are not afraid, for you know the ocean of existence, of which you are just a wave, cannot be destroyed.

You are of the source and the source is invincible. Tractors rust and decay, yet the source abides always becoming new, as each ripple and each wave is always new.

Yet the ocean remains as the ground of all being and everything is one, everything is death, decay, birth and creation, love, a reality beyond the lips of a poet's dream, an adventure beyond what your grandest imagination can comprehend.

Everything is in cosmic conflict, everything is in cosmic peace. You are the source, the source is in you and the source is in everyone.

The whole universe is creating itself anew spontaneously and effortly and grinding with infinite weight, crushing with primal force, delicately suspended in multi-million light year distances of galaxies and untold epochs.

And there is enough space for us to breathe.

Ever so quietly I wonder what would happen if our world made love to another world, if the distance of light years of were surpassed, if we could come next to each other, side by side, and celebrate.

As joy gives birth to unpredictable things, we observe what a new emerging consiousness brings, while singing to the root of all things.

We are here to celebrate life itself. Do not celebrate an opinion or an idea. The constructions of the mind do not satisfy, for we have tasted a roaring fire of unnameable mystery. Let the mystery burn and return to all that is true and good without confining it in human definitions and assumptions.

My chest is beating with a rhythm originating in my heart with a melody to undress worlds, to undress myself and become naked in the desert, in the wilderness to discover I am one with all and all with one, before putting on my clothes again to return to the city and shout in praise of almighty innocence which allows me to continue knowing merely a fraction of the whole, yet this fraction consists of a telescope of a mind which enables me to see beyond this world, beyond boundaries. It consists of a microscope in my mind which enables me to see things in miniscule, precise detail. And you are all this too. I have two eyes, just like you, which enable me to see you and know your truth and celebrate you and know that, however secretly, however hidden, you are part of all that is good.

I allow my tears to fall and they cleanse civilizations away in a torrent, a tide wave. I allow laughter to roar from inside me and it creates a lushious paradise in the desert. I allow silence to thunder inside me.

I smile in silence at your unanswerable questions and offer you a flower.

As you heal, I am healing too. When you thrive and do wonderful things I am the ground beneath your feet silently supporting you.

I am a mother, and I am a father cradling a new born child, singing to her of great love, singing to her of adventures and telling stories and nurturing her.

I am the dream itself, I am the pause between dreams and I am the dreamer.

I am reality slapping one in the face. I am the cheek stinging after it has been slapped.

I am she and he who continue to love, give birth, celebrate, toughen up and wise up, in the face of a harsh, brilliant world.

I am a stone, a pebble sinking to the bottom of the ocean to be discovered thousands of years from now. I am vibrant with potential. I am silent with subtle knowing.

I have the weight of endless centuries on my back. I cheerfully sing as I unburden myself of it, and jump of a cliff, discovering that I can fly.

I am an eagle, fierce, free, dignified.

I am a nomad singing poems in urban landscapes finding and uncovering secrets, laying open oneself, so that those who wish to may find jewels hidden in the mud.

May a diamond awaken one in burning silence of perfection. Whispering, speak of what is beyond this world.

Go beyond the city into the forest. Notice a light, soft like sunshine in spring, which is inside you.

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